bee's danish deserts

  Toscakage / Tosca Cake
  Cake Mixture



4 oz Sugar
4 oz Melted slightly cooled butter or margarine
3 oz Flour
Whip eggs and sugar
Whip in melted butter
Mix in flour very carefully
Pour into an 8" diameter springform
Bake 25-30 mins at 370 degrees
Remove from oven immediately cake has set
  Almond Mix
2 1/2 oz Sliced almonds
5 tblsp Sugar
2 1/2 oz Butter
1 tblsp Flour
1 tblsp Cream
Heat the almond mix in a saucepan until boiling stirring constantly.
Spread over the cake.
Return to oven at 400 degrees 10-15 mins until golden brown. Let it cool down before serving!

©Roger Strutton 2001